Configuring the receiver


To work with service, you need to configure the receiver's DNS-server addresses or change the firmware of the receiver. 

On firmware, originally tied to the service DNS-servers change is not required.


Step-by-step instruction:  

1. Open "Configuration" menu on the receiver.
2. Select item "WiFi". The receiver will search for wireless networks.


3. Select the ID of your wireless network.
4. Enter the network key. (not required if the network is open)
5. To the question "Automatic Mode DHCP" answer "No".


6. Enter the IP-address of the receiver.
7. Enter the subnet mask.
8. Enter the gateway address.
(IP-address, subnet mask and gateway address depends on the settings of your local network)

9. "DNS server IP address" enter IP-address


Attention! This DNS-server handles requests only from the radio, respectively, DNS-server address to be entered only in the settings of the radio. No need to enter this DNS-server in the modem, router, or on the computer - it can lead to a lack of access to the Internet.

10. Save settings.

If all items are correct, the receiver can download the test station list.

(To stop using the service, you need to enter DNS-server address of your ISP in paragraph 9 or select Automatic Mode DHCP - Yes in paragraph 5 if your network uses automatic IP-address by DHCP) 

Radio stations list uploading.

To upload a list of radio stations, you need:
1. Register on the site. 
2. Enter MAC-address of the receiver in the settings on the site. MAC-address can be found in the menu Configuration-> Serial number. Also MAC-address printed on the label on the bottom of the receiver. 
3. Go to "Radio stations" menu on the site and upload your own M3U playlist of radio stations or add links to stations manually.